Recovery Services for Older Adults

“Suffering is the lot of all alcoholics and addicts; isolation is both a cause and effect of the disease. Saying we only hurt ourselves is the biggest lie we tell, for in fact we most hurt those who love us.”

– Silver Sobriety board member

At Silver Sobriety™ we focus on reducing barriers that prevent seniors from achieving and sustaining sobriety.

Many older adults have been addicted for a long time, but a large proportion become addicted later in life.  Whether because of loneliness, grief, boredom, genetics, convenience, or something else, they may turn to alcohol for relief.

What used to be a cocktail before dinner may become a cocktail before lunch. leading to repetitive long-term use. Prescription medications for various injuries and illnesses may be used long past their intended need. 

Families and friends often see changes in personality and behavior as people fall into alcoholism and addiction. In isolation, barriers to connection with others damages relationships and degrades love among families and friends.

Age Specific Support

Provide a unique, affordable, non-medical treatment alternative.
•    Create non-clinical, peer community-based rehab program.
•    Facilitate education and meetings for seniors on an outpatient basis.
•    Provide a safe environment to learn and apply a 12-step recovery process.
•    Recognize that recovery is a lifetime process.


•    Assist transition to community support groups
•    Reconnect with family and friends.
•    Discover personal well-being, contentment and serenity.
•    Positive benefits affect families and neighborhoods.
•    Save medical and social services costs in the community.

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