Our Model

At it’s core, our six-month program uses the 12-Step Recovery Program to approach addiction and recovery. Clients are exposed to each of the steps and many related topics over a six-month period. Throughout the program, we also address the states of  mind, body and spirit as they relate to recovery, rehab and good health for seniors.

Silver Sobriety’s program complements traditional rehab treatment programs. We assist our clients before, during and after treatment, and make referrals for a higher level of care as needed.

Program Structure

Clients participate in three, two-hour sessions each week for a period of six months. Sessions are facilitated by a licensed alcohol and drug (LADC) counselor. Each week, clients are provided with age-specific reading materials, recovery tasks and/or exercises to complete. They are also invited to participate in a private, one-hour session with the LADC each week.

Scholarships & Transportation

Scholarships are available to those who may otherwise be unable to afford treatment. Transportation is also available for those living within a 15 mile radius of the Stillwater Area.

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