Our Program

Our approach is a model of recovery designed specifically for older adults, focusing on
peer-to-peer recovery that is client centered and accessible without insurance.

At it’s core, our program uses the 12-Step facilitation program to approach addiction and recovery. Clients are exposed to each of the steps and many related topics over a six-month period. We address the states of  mind, body and spirit as they relate to recovery, rehab, and good health for seniors.

12-Step Facilitation

To support an understanding of the steps, Silver Sobriety™ teaches the disease concept, recovery process, relapse prevention, and physical and emotional self-care. While the words God and Higher Power are found in the steps, we do not require or promote any particular belief, beyond recognition that we ourselves are not the highest power in the universe.

Because seniors join Silver Sobriety’s recovery program throughout the year, group leaders will be flexible and adjust each daily session to the needs of that particular group. Review of the steps is normal and necessary to long-term sobriety, so it is not required that the steps be studied in order.

Other Support Strategies

In addition to Twelve Step facilitation, we address the states of mind, body and spirit as they relate to recovery, rehabilitation, and good health for seniors. Topics may include straetgies on how to handle loss, dperesion, loneliness, cognitivie difficulties, chronic pain and grief. Left untreated, these emotional issues commonly experienced by older adults can lead to or aggravate chemical dependency problems.

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