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Help us bridge the gap in recovery services for older adults.

Of the 350 treatment centers in Minnesota, 140 programs are specific for adolescents – 2 are geared toward seniors. In addition, most people don’t realize that Medicare does not cover treatment for older adults unless it’s hospital based. Treatment programs are costly.

At Silver Sobriety™ we are proud to offer scholarships to those who are unable to pay. Our proven model costs less and has high success rates, which means that your gift has a greater impact.

Support a senior with the gift of recovery! Consider giving:

•    $4,500 provides one senior with the complete 6-month program
•    $750 provides 1 month of recovery services
•    $188 provides 1 week of recovery services


Silver Sobriety™ relies on the generosity of volunteers to help facilitate our programs, plan our events and provide general office support. Contact us to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.


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